Issues surrounding Japanese economy are expected to become more serious in future. By 2030, almost one-third of the population will be age 65 and over, and GDP rank is expected to fall to 4th as Japan is projected to be overtaken by India. Furthermore, in 2050, the population is forecasted to drop below the level of 100million and GDP rank will fall further to 8th. However, there is also a fact that rapid development of digital technologies such as AI and IoT has been creating a number of innovations

Amid these trends, Japanese companies are tackling the problems through actions such as establishing new cross-industry business models, social innovation, enhancing global competitiveness, expanding business through M&A, digital transformation, etc. in order to realize sustainable growth. Alongside these actions, much effort has been required to transform the working style and environment to counter the declining employee productivity.

BayCurrent Consulting has a mission to contribute to the growth of our clients by bringing the insights, suggestion, and network which acquired through comprehensive issue solving in various industries and provide consulting services with incorporated values and cultures as a Japanese company to the clients.

Looking forward, as the business environment becomes more complicated and advanced; we will continue to build our talents in order to be capable of responding flexibly to any changes and evolutions. We strive to be the best partner to our clients and work alongside them to bring their companies into the future.
Yoshiyuki Abe