Hiroshi Kozuka
Board Member
Hiroshi Kozuka is supporting in multiple industries such as finance, manufacturing, and services, being engaged in corporate /business strategy building, operational improvement, IT strategy building, and management transformation. He is also a co-author of Theory of Evolution of Japanese Enterprise (Shoeisha Co., Ltd). He worked at Mckinsey & Company, Booz and Company (now Strategy&), and Nomura Research Institute before joining BayCurrent. Hiroshi graduated from Kyoto University.
Ryuta Yamagiwa
Executive Officer
A graduate from University of Tokyo, Ryuta Yamagiwa worked for Accenture before BayCurrent. His consulting career has been extended to numerous industries such as utilities, distribution, and finance. Mr. Yamagiwa is heavily involved in strategy building and operations, with special focus on operational improvement, IT strategies, and management reform.
Satoshi Sekiguchi
Executive Officer
Satoshi Sekiguchi is an expert in new business planning and startups, securities ( due diligence), and cost optimization, primarily in the fields of technology and communications. He is co-author of Strategies for Japanese Manufacturing (DIAMOND, Inc.) and Theory of Evolution of Japanese Enterprise (Shoeisha Co., Ltd). Satoshi worked at Mckinsey & Company and Hitachi before joining BayCurrent. He graduated from Keio University.
Daisuke Kitakaze
Executive Officer
A Keio University graduate, Daisuke Kitazake has joined BayCurrent after working for large private equity funds, and IBM Japan. He provides a large spectrum of expertise in strategy building and execution in the financial and consumer goods industries. His special focus covers business process reform, risk management, IT strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. He is co-author of Theory of Evolution of Japanese Enterprise (Shoeisha Co., Ltd).
Tomonori Takahashi
Executive Officer
Tomonori Takahashi is working extensively in the realm of business management, primarily focused on financial affairs and managerial accounting. He is also heavily involved in management strategy, new business development, organizational diagnostics, continuous process improvement, and management transformation. He is co-author of Strategies for Japanese Manufacturing (DIAMOND, Inc.) and Theory of Evolution of Japanese Enterprise (Shoeisha Co., Ltd). Before joining BayCurrent, he worked for McKinsey & Company, Accenture, and Prudential Insurance Company of America. He holds CPA, and graduated from Waseda University.
Takao Ohsawa
Executive Partner
A graduate from Hitotsubashi Univ. and had experienced in Future Architect before joining BC. Has a broad and deep expertise in IT consulting like IT strategy, IT governance/ management and IT people development, and in business consulting like business operation transformation. Co-authored "How to Develop Innovative IT Organization to Win Out in Digital Revolution Era(Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)".
Kazufumi Nobu
Executive Partner
Kazufumi, a MS from Aoyama Gakuin Univ., had experienced in an IT vendor before joining BC. Recently he has led various IT projects like those for large scale consumer service, designing guideline, security architecture and newly launched cloud service.
Joji Noritake
Executive Partner
Joji, a graduate from Kyoto Univ., had experienced in HP and in BCG before joining BC. He has served a variety of projects like designing business strategy, launching new business, renovation of marketing and sales force of clients. Also has spikes in strategy design and its implementation to grow clients' revenue like marketing/ sales reinforcement.
Hideyuki Hashimoto
Executive Partner
Hideyuki, a graduate of Tokyo Institute of Technology, had experienced in a few professional firms like Roland & Berger before joining BC. He has served in a variety of themes like strategy design, new business development, operation transformation and training executives in various client sectors. Amongst those, he has outstandingly deep expertise in energy and petroleum sector. Co-authored " Theory of Evolution of Japanese Enterprise (Shoeisha Co., Ltd)".
Takeshi Miyazaki
Executive Partner
A graduate from Keio Univ., Takeshi had experienced at Accenture before joining BC, and has mainly worked in telecom, manufacturing and service sector, helping clients in new business creation, growth strategy and marketing strategy.