Robin Glatow

University of Edinburgh, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciencesを卒業後、2018年度入社。

There are three main points that continue to draw me to BayCurrent:
1) The firm’s client base largely consists of Japanese companies.
As somebody who did not grow up in Japan, working with Japanese clients provides me the opportunity to learn about Japanese business culture, a topic I have always been interested in, more deeply. I also feel that working on engagements with leading Japanese companies allows me to gain exposure to more critical challenges (e.g. helping a Japanese company to decide how to enter a foreign market) of the Japanese business world.

2) I am excited about the firm’s future.
Personally, I believe that the management consulting is a hard industry to enter and disrupt. However, after seeing the grit and hands-on attitude of my colleagues, I thought “I actually see this company succeeding and becoming a major consulting firm”.
I am excited to grow along the firm by working on proposals or projects with new clients. Even within the 2 years that I have spent with the firm, I have felt the rapid growth of the firm first-hand, like the firm’s expansion into unprecedented domains and listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

3) I have benefitted from the firm’s “One Pool” assignment process.
Thanks to BayCurrent’s “One Pool” assignment process, which selects consultants with different backgrounds and skills from one pool for projects with diverse themes, I have personally had the opportunity to work with clients in various industries on topics ranging from operations/performance improvement to strategy formulation. As a result of this, I have had the pleasure to receive mentoring and guidance from talented managers/partners with different backgrounds and expertise – including individuals who have held positions with other consulting firms and in industry.

Currently, I am working on an engagement with a large Japanese conglomerate on their overseas expansion strategy. The team is conducting extensive research on the local manufacturing sector and interviews with executives from different manufacturing industries to determine the target customer for our client’s product. In addition to my motivation for solving a problem beyond Japan to help the client compete globally, I find it rewarding to connect and learn from these executives, whom I would probably not meet otherwise.

Looking forward, I aspire to become a management consultant leading globally oriented projects in a managerial role. As such a leader, I would like to possess a combination of core consulting skills, like hypothesis-driven problem solving, and an area of expertise, which I am still developing. For now, however, I realize that I need to continue contributing to BayCurrent’s strong track record for globally oriented projects and hope to assist the firm’s growth wherever I can.