Sadoff Tyler Jacob

University of Southern California, College of Letters Arts and Sciences with a double major in International Relations and East Asian Area Studiesを卒業後、2018年度入社。

In my two years at BayCurrent I have had an extensive range of opportunities which have provided me with a diverse skill set. I have worked for clients across a wide breadth of industries including life insurance, telecommunications, electric power, music entertainment and the shipping/logistics sector. I have conducted market research and industry expert hearings, created proposals and PowerPoint presentations and have facilitated meetings with C-level executives.

I believe one of the best benefits of being a consultant, and especially one at BayCurrent, is the diverse experiences you gain in a multitude of industries and job roles. BayCurrent has strong relationships with many of the top Japanese companies and so I have not only been able to gain knowledge in various industries and develop skills, such as creating new business strategy and implementing project management, but have been able to do so while supporting/promoting projects and strategies at elite, global Japanese companies. As one of BayCurrent’s foreign employees I have been able to utilize my English and Japanese skill set to promote global projects.

I am originally from California and am an example of BayCurrent’s efforts to expand their global prowess through hiring of foreign talent and expansion of global projects. Many of the consultants I have worked with at BayCurrent, both foreigners and Japanese, are driven by a global perspective and strive to provide our clients with expansive language support, globally sourced research and global-oriented advice. At BayCurrent I have been fortunate to help drive forward the expansion of global projects and call upon my international experiences to assist domestic Japanese clients. I have learned a lot in my first two years at BayCurrent and I can’t wait to see the growth the coming years will bring.