M&A Consulting

Key activities for driving success of present M&A

Second PMIKey activities to make the most of the past M&A

Activities to enhance
M&A Literacy

Post M&A leader development program

We will drastically enhance the skills required for Post M&A leaders through 12 case studies
Case study
  • ・Who is suited as CEO for the subsidiary?
  • ・Why isn’t expected synergy generated?
  • ・Cultural discordance among HQ and subsidiary
  • ・A “cheesy” management report from subsidiary
  • ・Subsidiary not following directions
  • ・Re-evaluate the value of subsidiary
  • ・Use of M&A to create new business
  • ・Generate synergy with current business
  • ・A flawless DAY1 explanation
  • ・How to manage PMI subcommittee?
  • ・Avoid key person from resigning!
  • ・How to manage recruiting after M&A?
Skills required for post M&A leader
  • ・Facilitation
  • ・Self-management
  • ・Presentation
  • ・Feedback
  • ・Leadership
  • ・Logical thinking
  • ・Documentation
  • ・PJ management

M&A Seminar / Lectures

We have been holding M&A seminar and lectures to companies and universities
to share knowledge on themes which frequently troubles our clients.
  • ・New business development and M&A
  • ・Key elements for long list making
  • ・Key issues for cross industry M&A
  • ・“Second PMI” bible
  • ・Governance DD and governance PMI execution
  • ・Common failure and workarounds of PMI

Post M&A Laboratory

We have organized gatherings to hold interactive discussion for those from different industries, regarding activities about post M&A
  • ・Training and reinforcements for subsidiary management candidates
  • ・Regeneration of expected synergy
  • ・Cultural fusion with subsidiary
  • ・Redesign subsidiary’s KPI
  • ・Redesign subsidiary’s governance
  • ・Reevaluation subsidiary’s value