The business environment is more than ever changing in a global economy dealing with uncertain market conditions and constant development of new technologies.

For a corporation to win despite tough competition, it is necessary to foresee these changes by setting corporate direction, rightly allocating resources and quickly executing initiatives.

BayCurrent is engaged in designing and implementing global growth strategies. Our goal is not only to achieve sustainable impact on corporate performance, but also to enhance organizational capabilities for our clients. Our services include:

  • ・Company Strategy / Business Strategy
  • ・Overseas expansion
  • ・Marketing Strategy
  • ・M&A / JV / Alliances
  • ・Global resource utilization
  • ・Sales Strategy
  • ・Turn-around
  • ・Global governance design
  • ・Business Due Diligence
  • ・Innovation / New Business development
  • ・Change towards capturing inbound demand


Advances in digital technology are driving disruptive evolution of the customer experience (CX) for all companies across all industries.
However, the reality is that only a relatively few companies have thus far managed to profitably adapt and exploit digital technologies. At BayCurrent, we believe that the key to mastering the digital realm consists of three parts: An eye to identify both the potential and the limitations of a technology, the ability to implement and master that potential -- to make it truly one's own, and the ability to evolve, that is, to conduct "revolution by evolution".

At BayCurrent, our Digital Innovation Lab is at the core of our efforts to enhance these key capabilities in our clients. Our DI Lab leverages its broad and deep expertise to support our clients' digital transformation (DX) and disruptive CX evolution. Our aim is to grant our clients the ability to not only survive but thrive in the digital age.

  • ・DX-based high-level planning
  • ・AI / IoT implementation
  • ・Digital department launch
  • ・DX strategy / Roadmap formulation
  • ・Blockchain utilization
  • ・Digital human resource development
  • ・Business model DX
  • ・Fintech/Insurtech
  • ・Design thinking / Agile operations
  • ・Operations DX
  • ・Digital marketing
  • ・Lean start ups


Corporations are aggressive in diversification, globalization and M&A, leading to more complicated organizational and operational processes. Transforming these processes, and aligning them with the corporate strategy and reality of the frontline, will bring a strong competitive edge.

BayCurrent supports corporate transformation in various areas. Based on comprehensive analyses we achieve optimization in research and development, production, supply and procurement, logistics, sales, and overhead functions. We support corporate transformation by institutionalizing the process for sustainable impact in the organization

  • ・Procurement cost reduction
  • ・Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • ・Governance/Management design
  • ・Business process re-engineering
  • ・Risk Management
  • ・Operation reform / standardization
  • ・Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • ・Value chain transformation
  • ・Leadership training


IT is getting more and more critical for business expansion, contributing to business not only as defense IT, meaning IT to reduce cost, but also as proactive IT generating additional revenue. IT can also be a source of competitiveness by adopting new business trends such as mobile devices, social media, the cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things.

BayCurrent helps our client improve IT operation for higher ROI. We achieve that goal by addressing various issues, such as strategy execution, IT grand designing to support operational innovation, roles and responsibility between the in-house IT function and vendors, collaboration with other internal functions, and IT cost optimization. Our support covers:

  • ・IT Strategy
  • ・IT organizational improvement
  • ・IT architecture
  • ・IT governance
  • ・IT talent development
  • ・System design / development
  • ・IT cost optimization
  • ・PMO
  • ・IT asset evaluation