To achieve our mission, it is a crucial subject to protect our client's information assets from every threat by holding high corporate morals regarding information security.Therefore, in order to thoroughly protect information assets adequately,we will set a basic information security policy as follows and disseminate this in-house:


  • 1. BayCurrent will take measures to protect information assets from unauthorized access, loss, leakage, and tampering. Security measures will be continuously improved upon in order to adapt to evolving threats.
  • 2. BayCurrent will perform continuous risk assessment for all relevant information assets, and take appropriate security measures for each risk.
  • 3. BayCurrent will continuously train and educate its directors, officers, and employees to raise their awareness of information security and maintain their understanding of BayCurrent’s information security management system.
  • 4. BayCurrent will comply with laws, regulations, and standards related to information security.
  • 5. BayCurrent will comply with all contractual requirements related to information security and confidentiality contained in contracts with our customers.
  • 6. BayCurrent will strive to prevent the occurrence of information security breaches, and in the case of such a breach, take appropriate measures to prevent repeat occurrences.

AMENDMENT DATED MARCH 1, 2012 - BayCurrent Consulting, Inc. CEO Yoshiyuki Abe
BayCurrent Consulting, Inc.’s information security management system is now ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Certifying Body: BSI Group Japan K.K.
Certification ID: IS 94222
Standards Applied: ISO/IEC 27001:2013 / JIS Q 27001:2014
First Certified: 2005/06/23
Last Renewed: 2017/06/11
Certification Area: System development and Internal systems management
Certifying Authorities: Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC)

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-ASQ (American Society for Quality) National Accreditation Board (ANAB)