We believe the health and safety of our employees are essential to our sustained growth. To promote the health and safety of our employees proactively, we will provide a safe and healthy working environment where all employees can choose healthy work styles.


To discuss the following issues, a director and managers of each section hold meetings every month.
・ Report on the current status of employee's health and working hours and,
・ Issues and measures for health management, etc.
Appointing several employees as promoting health management from the management department, planning measures to maintain and improve employee's health in cooperation with the health insurance union.


We recognize the following issues as crucial to health management and aim to improve them on a daily basis. These measures contribute to the increased health and safety of our employees as well as to the stable and sustained growth of our company.
1. Reduction of Overtime
As a result of our continued efforts, the average monthly overtime has been reduced year by year within the range of 45 hours. We will strive to further reduce working hours and thoroughly manage working hours so that all employees will not perform more than 80 hours per month in compliance with the agreement stipulated in Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act.
2. Providing a Healthy Working Environment
To achieve a balance between work and child-rearing and to maximize their abilities, we will set the following goals and take measures:
・ To have at least 75% of female employees take childcare leave.
・ To have at least 15% of male employees take childcare leave and childcare-oriented holidays.
3. Raising and Maintaining Health Checkup Rates
We intend to maintain 100% of our general health checkup rate and raise our rates for re-examination, precision checkup, and specific health guidance.
4. Mental Health Care
As a result of our successful reduction of working hours, the stress check test has shown positive effects on several indicators of employee health, including job satisfaction, absenteeism and presenteeism. To further improve mental health, we will work to bring the stress check test rate close to 100%, and promote high-stress employees to provide consultations with industrial physician and/or external consultation services.
5. Understanding the Posture for Health Management of our Business Partners
When purchasing products and services, we will endeavor to gain a grasp on the posture for health management of our business partners, including the following:
1. Health management policies.
2. Status of compliance with all applicable laws regarding occupational health and safety.
3. Status of overwork.
4. Status of mental health measures.
5. Level of implementation of health management measures.
BayCurrent Consulting, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer Yoshiyuki Abe