BayCurrent Consulting, Inc. is a Japanese firm that provides comprehensive consulting services across a wide variety of fields, both public and private sectors. We support sustainable growth of our client by addressing their issues and achieving concrete impact.

Since its founding in 1998, BayCurrent has been a true partner of our clients. We tailor our approach to Japanese unique business environment and culture, and provide clients with comprehensive support from corporate and business strategy building, operational improvement to IT implementation. We are focusing on internal talent development and capability building to retain the human resources who can offer value-added consulting service and show high impact in various fields.

BayCurrent is constantly sharing our insight based on our research efforts in various fields. We published Theory of Evolution of Japanese Enterprise in 2014 to introduce a few of the examples of our achievement. It ranges from business model shift in the technology industry from hardware to service, ecosystem in the telecom industry, organizational and management transformation in manufacturing industry, change in sales strategy in the consumer goods to advanced operational model in the pharmaceutical industry, globalization in the financial industry, and transformation of the infrastructure sector into export-driven business models.